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Quick Tip: You’ve Renewed Your Lync Certificate, But Don’t Have a Private Key

You’ve renewed your Lync 2010 or Lync 2013 certificate through a third party (or even your own) certificate authority, then import the renewed certificate into your server.  Now you want to apply it through the wizard, but it’s just not listed.  You check the certificate validity through the snap in and realize you don’t have a private key associated with your certificate.

The fix is simple, get the serial number from the certificate, and from an administrative command prompt, run the following:

certutil -repairstore my “Serial Number”

The old certificate as well as the new should be using the same private key, but Windows needs to know that it needs to associate the key with the new certificate.  The above command will accomplish that for you.


Tool: James Cussen Updates His Database Mirror Manager Tool

This is one of those tools that I hand to all of my clients, it’s simple, clean, and provides a nice interface to check the state of your Lync database mirror.  James Cussen has updated his tool so you don’t have the option to change the mirror state of non-mirrored databases and to change the color of the db label when the user has selected it so you know what’s been clicked when you’re ready to hit Invoke.

Check it out and download it here:

Excellent job James!