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Quick Tip: Licensing Your Office Web Application Server for Lync

We get the occasional licensing question related to Microsoft Office Web Application Server, and what needs to be purchased if anything to stay in compliance.  This post is just to put your mind at ease, if you’re running it for Lync, you’re likely running it in a view only mode.  From the TechNet Article, Plan Office Web Apps (Used with SharePoint 2013), Microsoft explains the following: Office Web Apps licensing offers two options:

  • View-only. By default, Office Web Apps is view-only. View-only functionality is provided for free.
  • Edit and view. You must purchase an editing license to use the editing features of Office Web Apps with SharePoint 2013. You enable editing when you create the Office Web Apps Server farm.

Check out the following article for more information on the subject:

Quick Fix: Unexpected Behavior With a Lync 2013 Conference ID

This comes up every now and again on the TechNet forums, different quirks and oddities related to Lync 2013 conference IDs.  Perhaps A new meeting configuration has been put in place, but the changes don’t seem to take effect for a user.  Perhaps a user creates a conference, but gets the old “We’re having trouble getting you into the meeting.  It’s possible you’re using a bad URL. “.  I’ve even seen a case where two users somehow got the same external conference ID.  I’m still not sure how that one happened, perhaps admin tampering?

There’s a quick fix before you spend hours troubleshooting, just reset the conference ID.  This seems to fix 99% of these issues.  Have the users navigate to the page, sign in and click the “Reset my Assigned Conference information” link.  That’s it.


Figure 1: What frustration looks like (I AM THE ADMIN).